This stunning, high qulity crystal pendant was hand cut by a master lapidary trained by Marcel Vogel. It's precision is like no other, sure to be an heirloom piece. .75" ametrine set in a solid 14k gold circle. *note - each ametrine will have slightly different color variations.

1" Vogel CircleStar, Ametrine and 14k Gold

  • Loving care, great skill, and attention to detail is what sets these magnifienct pieces apart from the rest. Each crystal carefully selected - using only the finest optical grade quartz available. Each crystal then begins with a prayer of intention, and is hand ground and lapped on 18 inch diamond disks, refined and finished on a series of wooden laps, and finally polished to a high luster by hand on a high speed pad with a very fine grade of Cerium Oxide. Created in a peaceful and harmonious environmen with reverence and prayer.