Hey beauties, you have made it to my shop page, in addition to essential oils and crystal pendants you will also find some various affiliate links for which you can often use code: wiseheart to save, (it will be noted beside the link) I only share products I know, love, trust and personally use. I super appreciate your support! Thank you from the center of my heart for trusting me to offer this guidance. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like for me to share my experience with any of these products.

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Essential Oil Starter Kits

Essential oils are the naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in many different parts of the plant and have a wide array of different effects and properties. We have an incredible and thriving community ready to teach and support you along your wellness journey! It would be my honor to welcome you!

Send Me a Gift or Pay for a Goodie

Follow this link if you need or want to send any flow my way! A note is always appreciated so I know what its for! Sending all the best of everything your way dear hearts! Truly grateful we get to connect in this wild world.

Black Oxygen Organics

The absolute best fulvic acid on the market. You definitely want to add this into your wellness routine! Check out my highlight with heaps of info! -click here-

Vejo Pod based blender

Use code WISEHEART8PACK to get a FREE 8 pack of your choice! Enjoy organic ingredients picked at peak ripeness, freeze dried on location into delicious blends of smoothies, juices, herbal elixirs, caffeinated beverages and wellness support! Perfect for home or on the go! Kids also love them and the pods are fully biodegradable and soon to be water soluble. 

Vogel Pendant

Each of these Crystal Pendants is lovingly cut from the highest quality quartz crystal available with great skill and care by one of the few true partners of the original genius, Marcel Vogel. Each pendant is custom order so message me here on even better on instagram to order yours!

Purium Use code wiseheart to save!

Raw, vegan organic superfoods! These shakes save me and my kids! I drink the Apple Berry Power Shake everyday and my kids LOVE the kids shakes! Super helps get all the nutrition in!

Usborne Books

Open a world of possibilities with some of the most exciting, engaging and educational books on the market today! These are our favorite books for any and all occasions! With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for unused, undamaged books ~AND~ all Usborne Books are eligible for Lifetime Half-Price Replacement, regardless of how the damage was caused!

Tonic Treasures Use code wiseheart to save!

Ancient herbal alchemy with a fundamental focus on nourishing one’s vital force with superior tonics & herbal elixirs, to help blossom, preserve and increase our life essence + vitality. The best Shilajit there is and so much more!

Healy Resonance

Applications to harmonize your bioenergetic field. The Healy is a wearable device using microcurrent and Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to promote your health, vitality and overall wellbeing. The testimonials on these are incredible! 

NūVITA CBD Use code wiseheart to save!

Full and broad spectrum, THC free CBD by a woman owned business that sources products only derived from the highest quality USA grown hemp!

Organic Energy Fizzy Sticks​

Ok babes, I can't stand the branding, but I love the product! All organic, great ingredients and crazy good clean energy. One of my little secrets! 

Tamed Wild​

Magical tools and adornments for home, altar and self! From cloths, cards, crystals, jewels, candles, boxes and boards. So many pretty things! I don't have a code for this shop at the moment but if you use my link, I would be honored! 

Bohindie Stream Use code wiseheart to save!

Pretty earrings inspired by the magic in the universe, the unexplainable, and all the simple beauties in the details of life. All made in the US

Fractalista wiseheart to save!

Combining new technology and ancient artifacts to create the perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and metaphysical properties. Powerful affirmations and sacred symbols infuse the crystals with intention to enhance the healing essence of the items and amplify the vibration of the space. These gifts are made to heal and inspire.

iPyramids Use code wiseheart to save!

iPyramids designed for altered state meditation, DEEP rest, and rejuvenation. Play therapeutic frequencies through the capstone vortex coils and create a powerful Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) for the whole mind/body/spirit complex.

Tachyon Illumination Rod code wiseheart to save!


A Tachyon is a particle that travels faster than the speed of light. Tachyons infuse physical matter with spiritual light, using illumination rods help to expand and intensify the healing field.


Help your members discover which oils their body responds to best. iTOVi pairs over 100 year of scientific research and technology with modern day algorithms to find which oils and supplements match best.

Jac & Jae Designs  10% off with this link!

The sweetest, softest and coziest USA made blankets! True heirloom quality and sure to be one of your faves! Available in a variety of sizes and with customization options! Holiday blankets as well for every occasion! Perfect for your family and also the most amazing gift!

Oasis Shower Diffuser 10% off with this link!

Transform your shower in an oasis in seconds! I love this thing! It's wonderful for really opening up the airways, offering a little extra mood support and basically just turning your shower into a spa! 

Amazon Favorites

I have put together quite a few lists ranging from book recommendations to children's toys, to bug out supplies and more!

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