Growing Sisterhood, Harvest Moon, Super Moon, Blood Moon, Full Moon Eclipse

The moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra. These are powerful times and this day marks the beginning of many more moon gatherings and sister circles to come. Altar items were brought and gifts were shared. The fire crackled and the space was so inviting. We gathered just before sunset and began the ritual of smudging and anointing each sister before we formed our circle. There was a strong sense of peace and reverence in the air and I had the divine pleasure of looking each sister deep in the eyes. In our circle we talked about the times and the astrological energies that be. I led a short guided meditation and exercise to ground and connect us and lead us to our truths. While unconditionally loving and accepting all of ourselves, tuning in with that which no longer serves us , we cast it into the flames to be released and transformed like a phoenix rising from the flames to give way to that which we are calling in. The powers of manifestation are real and we took some time to journal about those things which we are calling into our lives. Jumping up to marvel at the wondrous moon and amazing eclipse was such a fun experience to share with everyone! There were many "ooos" and "aahhhs" as we all gathered tightly with bright eyes and smiling hearts.

Morgan then shared a grounding and connecting to the light exercise as well as a tutorial on using kinesiology as a tool for tapping into our innate wisdom and helping guide us in our choices. So powerful. Brittney then led us in the wonderful opportunity of charging our own herkimer diamonds with our intentions and then adding to our water to drink in these lovely intentions to reach and heal every cell. After circle each sister brought home her crystal to then burry in the earth. We are not all connected but this sacred earth crystal grid of divine manifestation! aho! There were various shadings of the heart and everyone held a lovely space! We had babies and mama's and sister kin. After we closed the circle we all sat around still sharing and soaking up the moonlight. Suddenly I remembered we had herb bundles to make!

The harvest moon is all about hearth and home and is the perfect time to get organized and ready for the winter months to come and also a perfect time to set up a kitchen altar. I thought herb bundles would be a lovely craft to share amongst sisters and a great way to keep magic back in our daily activities. Whenever we are in the kitchen and preparing food it is important to remember that nourishment is an energy exchange. And every time we make a meal, for ourselves, for others, no matter how big or small, we can infuse that nourishment with our love and energy! The herb bundles can serve as a reminder to keep it sacred in the kitchen!

Much love, light and blessings to you all!

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