Wise Heart Rising is a community of sisters spreading light, love and healing in their daily connections as well as through group facilitation. The Women featured here are the main contributors to our projects, however it takes a village and each and every one of you are also a huge part. . We welcome new connections and would love to hear your thoughts and dreams and have you join the tribe.


Harlow is a mama of two boys living just north of San Francisco in Marin County Ca. where she pours her heart into her work as a birth and postpartum doula, Birthing from Within Mentor and educator of health, wellness and sacred plant medicines. She is the creator of Wise Heart Rising and has the vision of being a bridge between communities, bringing holistic living to the hearts and lives of people everywhere.


Harlow is passionate about birth as a sacred rite of passage and through her work she seeks to honor this journey while extending the nurturing of the Mother and family well beyond birth. In tending to the sacred and reaching beyond her communities she extends a bridge of healing across cultural and generational gaps.


With a Bachelors degree in Alternative Medicine and many other continuing education certifications it is clear that she has a great desire for learning and growth. She is currently fulfilling her priestess of the moon wisdoms and taking steps in furthering her herbal studies and recognizes how incredibly valuable the plant kingdom is in health, wellness and healing of the mind body and spirit.

Harlow @MamaWiseHeart

Victoria @ModernMamaEssentials

Victoria is a Mother to her beautiful two year old Son and has Daughter who she will be welcoming this fall. She is a big believer in balance and is dedicated to soul expanding and natural healing. Victoria brings a wealth of holistic modalities in the work that she does. She is an energetic healer and is certified in Reiki, AromaTouch and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.


Victoria has a profound gift to help guide people along a road of self discovery and serves as a leader in her community as a health and wellness advocate. This woman exudes joy and is such a nurturing soul. 


Sacred Plant wisdom and Motherhood are at the forefront of her vision. Healing through food and organic gourmet is one of her specialities! 


She wants to share what she has learned and help our world and the people in it get back to all things natural so we can live in harmony with ourselves and the universe.

Brittney @ItalTreasures

Brittney is a Full Power Goddess and Spirit Worker who is deeply rooted in the potent healing vibrations of cyrstals. She is an exquisite craftswoman whose jewelry is an extension of herself, inspired by women and culture from around the world. She has a fine tuned gift for creating medicine healing peices infused with prayer, magic and love. 


Brittney is a Mother to her beautiful 6 year old son and will be welcoming her second child earthside this spring.


With a strong connection to the energies around her she works with the powers of manifesation and infusing intention with crystal energy to help guide us along our path. 


Her gifts are many and she radiates positivity everywhere she goes.


Morgan is an incredible healer and priestess with a gift for healing touch and a passion for the Divine. She studied at The National Holistic Institute and is the owner of Sacred Source Healing Arts.


Using her intuition and an extrordiary energetic modality, Morgan faciltates Theta healings and helps people transform various areas of their lives.